Monday, August 2, 2021

Greenhouse And Open-Field Irrigation fittings in Kenya

These are accessories that are used in greenhouses or open-field irrigation setups. Many farmers in Kenya both small and large scale are embracing the use of fittings in their farms.
Irrigation Fittings In Kenya.

Commonly used Irrigation fittings in Kenya.

Where can I find Irrigation fittings in Kenya?

You can order them from Greenscope horticulture and have them delivered to you at a fee. We also have able technicians who can assist you in installation.

Features of irrigation fittings from Greenscope Horticulture;

  1. They are durable.
  2. Easy to use and install.
  3. Highly resistant to UV rays.
  4. Help to save on water and time.
  5. You save on maintenance and labor costs.
  6. Available in different shapes and sizes.


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